Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Expression Web Replaced FrontPage

In an earlier Newsletter I complained about how Microsoft had discontinued FrontPage as their HTML editor program for non-programmers.

Well, I have to say Microsoft's suite of Expression software is quite impressive. Expression Web is an excellent replacement for FrontPage and the other items included in the suite are very powerful additions.

While I am not a senior programmer I like to make my own changes to web sites and Expression Web is the right tool.

The applications included in Expressions Suite include: Expression Blend; Expression Encoder; Expression Design; Expression Media and Expression Web.

As best as I can tell these shake out as follows:

Expressions Web is the follow-on from Front Page

Expressions Blend is used to create an "Exe" project file which can hold a range of files including XAML files. (Not sure exactly what this is for but looks like it could be for collective work on certain files which MIGHT include Access databases)

Expression Design is a graphics program like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro

Expressions Encoder is a video "encoding" program which allows you to set the "bandwidth" requirements of videos that will be placed on the internet. They can be viewed in original state as well as in a wide range of "compressed" formats side by side for comparison. It also allows some video editing.

Expressions Media is a media cataloging program that allows some editing and may allow making a short video by "animating" several jpg files


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